Make It Work (The Lard Brothers' mix)

by Rosh G

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We worked with Rosh G who was kind enough to help out for one of our tracks. Hence, we cut a track for him to return the favour. It was pretty fun.

We did 2 mixes of the track. He chose one while this is the other one we did.


Met this chick on the SMRT man
Told her I happen to be emcee yeah
"What you doing tonight? Let's grab a drink.
Meet Willy and the band, uh, just chill yeah?"

Everybody now get wit' my movement
Let the truth be told
Rosh G's in da buildin'
Cookin' up rhymes man, stirring up the cauldron
Infect the masses, ecstatic, gotta flash it!

Kevin Lester rockstar, dream big, go far
Stage power adrenaline, something like a go kart
Lovin' the music, keep goin', infinity bars
Put yo' hands up!

Leona Lewis Hamilton, baby, you keep me drivin'
Let's go back and forth, Bleed love namean?
Karaoke battles and ailmony settlements
What's love without you?
Makin' it work; that's the essence

Sing songs, smoke bongs, trying to right my wrongs
Look yourself in the mirror, hell yeah, it's on!
Feel good and dress good.
It's a brand new day
Hey, we gotta make it work!


Gotta make it work baby
Tick tock showtime
Backstage, awaitin' the lights
YEAH, it's my time
If you wanna be a Legend, you gotta love John
Come back to an audience after decades

Mr Right, meet Ms Little Cute
"Hey, how you doin'? Can I get to know you?"
I wanna infect you with my love
Something like a stain.
Smoke my drugs...



released August 9, 2011
Produced by Rosh G and The Lard Brothers
Mixed by The Lard Brothers
Written by Roshan Gidwani, The Lard Brothers and Siti Zahidah

'Make It Work' contains samples of Siti Zahidah's 'The Make Up Song'. The Lard Brothers is Seng Woei Yuan, Tan Yee Yong and Willy Tan.

Photo credit: Seng Woei Yuan



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