Just A Tool EP

by The Lard Brothers

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Hello friendly friends,

This is going to be a long one…

On National Day 2008, we released our debut album Forest Action Team (free for download here in case you have done so: www.mediafire.com?omg7xtjimnn) which was a tribute to Mark Ronson’s ‘Version’ and a paean to the Singapore rock scene which we grew up with. We wanted to do something a bit different for our next project. We decided to look into one of our favourite wanky, over-the-top rock things to do: Write a concept album.

So we set out to create our own magnum opus if anyone will agree. And it will be set in a linear storyline. We pooled in all our favourite stories, themes, concepts and ideas. And we decided upon a story and write the music around it.

Set in the not-so-distant future, a certain un-named tiny island in the tropics near the Equator struggles with the rest of the world out of a world recession. The crippling effects have forced the hands of the government to ensure every single generation of citizens born can contribute to the nation in the most productive way possible. Genetics is reinforced in society and revered as the utmost national duty a citizen can perform for his or her country.

And our story begins right when the fruits of such a drastic campaign are bearing shape as the nation steadies itself economically. The story begins in a high school where our main protagonist meets a devastating cute girl at the future equivalent of a water cooler. And falls insanely head-over-heels with her, of course. Sci-fi dystopia and manga/ anime high school romances. Yup, these are our main inspirations.

‘Simply As Designed’ is an album we started recording in October 2008. However, it’s been a very slow 2 years and we have only done about 70% of the entire album which is currently projected at 26 tracks. And we got waylaid by a little side project which we did. Last National Day (2009), we put out an album which we remixed a couple of our friends’ tunes. ‘The Super Lard Bros OST’ can be downloaded here for free as well: dl.dropbox.com/u/1290186/The%20Super%20Lard%20Bros%20OST.zip.

We’ve decided to split up the ‘Simply As Designed’ album into 3 parts. Yes, very Hollywood-like. A trilogy of albums. And we have intended to release Part 1 this National Day. However, our natural laziness and procrastination got the better of us so Part 1 is still not ready as yet. So, we are releasing 2 songs as an EP to keep up with the tradition of putting out material every National Day.

The new EP is ‘Just A Tool’ taken from Part 2 of ‘Simply As Designed’. Our pal from Zero Sequence, lead singer Mang helped us out on vocals for this one. The 2nd track is a remix of the title track done by our buddies from the genre-transcending electronica group Breakbeat Theory. Thanks peeps!

Thank you for indulging us by reading so far. Once again, as always…

Happy National Day. Majulah Singapura!


The 3-and-a-half fat fuckers from The Lard Brothers

Charlie Ng
Charlie Seng
Charlie Tan
Charlie Charlie


released August 9, 2010

All songs written by The Lard Brothers, unless otherwise stated.

'Just A Tool' was recorded at The Love Studios.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Just A Tool (feat. Mang)
Just do what I say
Comply, no resistance
And now you will obey

Just remember
You are my tool
When I will pull the strings
You will do what I say

Roll over
And stay that way
Since I’m holding the leash,
You will do it my way

I wanna be inside you (Tool, you’re just a tool)
These feelings won’t dilute (You’re just a tool)
I wanna be with you (You’re just a tool)
I can take a substitute

Just do what I say
Exactly what I say
And this is no child’s play

She knows what
She has to do
Get down on her knees and
She will follow my rules

Bend over
And stay that way
Don’t feel remorse
Cause she is just a tool

I wanna be inside you (Tool, you’re just a tool)
These feelings won’t dilute (You’re just a tool)
I wanna be with you (You’re just a tool)
I can take a substitute

What have I done?
What have I become?
Will you recognize me now?