Forest Action Team

by The Lard Brothers

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The Lard Brothers are a hip-hop-based side project made up of Bob Seng and Bob Tan. Amidst recording an album for their defunct main band, The Love Experiment, they decided to embark on a Mark Ronson-esque project by revamping and recording popular and their favourite Singaporean indie tunes.

Joined recently by another overweight comrade, Bob Tang, they invited their friends to guest on the album, lending their vocal talents and instrumental prowess. Each cover is a re-imagination of the original tune, embarking on a vastly different path from its original.

The album is released online via Aging Youth Records and can be downloaded for free from National Day, Saturday 9 August 2008 onwards. Forest Action Team is produced and recorded at the Love Studios by The Lard Brothers.


released August 9, 2008

The Lard Brothers would like to thank our friends for taking out time to record these songs:

Adam, Biddy, Billy, Bryan, Dewi-marie, Garuda, Haykal, Inch, Joanne, Joe, Ko Flow, Max, Robin and Yeeyong. Your help and love are greatly appreciated!

Special thanks to Alvin Ananthan, Freaky Z, George Ong, Ho Kah Wye, Iliyas Ong, Joanna Lim, Sabrina Annawar, Simon Yong and Sujin Thomas as well! We didn’t get to record you this time round. Sorry, guys! Thanks for agreeing to help out though.

Thank you to the following bands for letting us cover and sample their tunes without suing us! We ♥ you!

B-Quartet (, Humpback Oak (, marchtwelve (, Phorous, including Eswandy and Linda (, Plainsunset (, Serenaide (, The Padres ( and TypeWriter (

Much love and gratitude goes to Edwin Tan for the food photos, Cherie Tan for the cover illustration and Tan Yeeyong for the album layout. Special thanks to Boey Yinhao for helping out on drums for our live show. Thanks to Terence Lau of Platform and Syed, Ben and Roslan of Invasion Productions for the shows.

Check out Inch’s Allura at, DJ Ko Flow at, Koff Koff at, Joanne and Robin’s Toys In The Attic at and Adam’s You And Whose Army? at

The Lard Brothers are Bob Seng, Bob Tan and Bob Tang.

Bob Seng would like to thank:
Mrs Seng, for letting me be hers; The Sengs, for letting me be me.

Bob Tan would like to thank:
My mum, for paying the electrical bill to keep this project going; All my friends, entertaining me on this incredulous project. It is okay if one is not talented. It’s more important to have talented friends. Thank you for your help!!!; A big shout-out to all the steamboat restaurants I love in Singapore. Keep the faith!

Bob Tang would like to thank:
God, for my sense of humour; my family, for supporting their wayward son; Tin Wai, for being there and good friends like Royston, Derong and Lennat who bravely listened to our demos and came for our gigs! Majulah Singapura!

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Track Name: Enemy (feat. Joanne Sandhu)
a. What's up inside your head?
Let me feel the fire
Words stuck around your neck
Swimming underwater
Just too much, had enough
Still I feel so empty, empty
Can't get up, get enough
Everyone's a liar, BURNING!

b. Who is your enemy?
The one that you set free!
I'm trying so hard
Just trying so hard now

c. Is it just me or am I right?
Is there anything that's gonna make you feel all right?
Is there really anything?
Is there really anything?
Track Name: Circling Square (feat. Bani Haykal)
a. I don’t see the need to classify her
I’ve decided that she is everything I need
There really is no need to classify her
I’ll never hurt her ‘cause she can be so good to me

b. Wait and see, I’ll wait and see
Till she sends for me, sends for me
Oh honey, when you send for me,
I’ll be there for you
Anywhere, circling square

c. I don’t see the need to complicate
Her thoughts and actions and deeds
I love her the way she is
I love to see her smile
She’s so lovely
Even when I’m bleeding, I dream I’ll satisfy her needs

d. Things that make me smile
When I’m alone and she’s alone with me
It makes me smile
When I’m alone and she’s alone with me
Track Name: The Boy From Katong (feat. Dewi-marie Vincoy & Adam Shah)
a. He was the boy from Katong
Magical Marine Parade
I want to sing you this song
Disappearing in a fade

b. I’m not the girl from Katong
Magical Marine Parade
I want to sing you this song
Disappearing in a fade

c. He caught me looking at him
From the corner of his eye
Over me, over you
He said, “Run over you, over me.”

d. And in a blinding flash, we ended in a crash
I got him to his feet and then he smiled at me
Track Name: Democracy (feat. Max Ho)
a. Why I can’t stay; she said, “No.”
Why I can’t leave; my heart breaks

b. It’s no secret why she’s gone
There’s no reason to stay
It’s no secret why she’s gone
There’s no reason to live

c. Maybe it’s time for goodbyes
Maybe it’s not meant to be

d. I’ve never had the chance or the time with you
Never had the chance for someone like you
Track Name: Shoebox (feat. Inch Chua)
a. We go many places tilting favoured sky
Silence, blushes faded in a little while
How in quiet moments you are juggling smiles
Cigarette smoke beckons; momentum’s swinging care

b. Weary moonbeams splicing disjointed happy thoughts
Your laugh is locked in drawers and vocal chords are drowned
I am standstill, smiling, reeking muted tunes
All our stencils quiver; maps distorted skies

c. Let’s please make no mistakes
You breathe and lift life up in me
A tree, we’ll sit and branch our minds away in whitest streaks of green
Please make me recall a place we’ve once built
And lived in a shoebox cluttered with furniture
And mismatched curtain shades
Park your heart inside with me and place those coupons
Leave the keys and a note away with thee
Don’t forget me please…

d. I’ve forgotten beauty rinsing in the dark
An occasional whisper carves the stars in place
Place us many places scenic or grotesque
Living by the ocean, perfect or misplaced
Track Name: PoniesSoothePeople (feat. Max Ho)
a. If she got it going, Oh!
If she’s got nothing, Oh!
If she got it going, Oh!
I’ve got something in my mind
Ooh baby, she’s what I’ve got

b. If she got it going, Oh!
If she’s got nothing I can’t find
If she got something you can do
I’ve got something in my mind
Ooh baby, she’s what I’ve got
Track Name: Radio Station (feat. Joe Foo)
a. We're so young
Have we got time?
We're so young
Have we got some more time?

b. Radio station forgot to play
Your favorite song on a lovely day
The boy lost his patience, don't wanna stay
He got himself a gun to kill everyone

c. Advertising billboard says everything is cool
My girlfriend swears to be too
It’s so damn easy to dance to the TV
Don't get crazy; it’s only a disease

d. Radio station forgot to play
My favorite song on this lovely day
I lost my patience and don't wanna stay
I got myself a gun to kill everyone
Track Name: Plainsunset (feat. Biddy Low)
a. Welcome into this place I call my heart, I call my home and
Just take a seat, kick your shoes off; relax, enjoy the show
It feels so good; it feels so nice when someone's standing there around
Watching everything you do, everything you do

b. It feels so good; it feels so nice when there is someone there just
Watching over you and everything you do
It feels so good; it feels so nice when someone's listening to everything you say
Everything you say

c. And now you've come around to me to see my plain sunset
Thank you for coming here to me to see my plain sunset
Track Name: Wish You'll Never Leave Time (feat. MC Garuda & DJ Ko Flow)
a. What ‘bout time we chase in a fast-pace race
I see time to grace a moment in a place
So to speak, a week now feels more like a day
I can’t seems to beat time when it’s even round the way
Could it be like a pendulum where it swings in two motions?
Let me move the seven oceans smooth like lotion
On the earth’s two sides, keeping time out of sight
So the day will be dark and the night will be bright
But in reality we just existed in an existence
All babies are to born with the heartbeat as a rhythm
Some see time as a change while others to complain
Time is waiting game to check you up in sane and patience
Is the key to your destiny
Living a fast life without time is an ecstasy
I know, it seems, time waits for no man
The only way to beat time is to keep it at your own hands

b. It’s about time that I speak up my own mind
Time for co-sign if the blind leads the blind
Well everybody’s crazy since time equals money
Money is the time to make darker days sunny
Time is an action that answers some questions
Time is a silent bomb that silence reflections
Looking at time passing to another dimension
Evaluating time to start a redemption

c. Ko Flow with the cuts, now that’s time!!!
Lard Bros on the beat, now that’s time!!!
Xarin keep it on point, now that’s time!!!
Now that’s time, now that’s time, now that’s time!!!

d. That we wish you never left
Wish you never took the easy way out
Track Name: Shadowgraphs (feat. Tan Yee Yong)
a. Red or white, right or wrong
You’re falling down like you said you would
Learn to fight, learn to die
Learn to breathe but you said you’ll survive

b. All paths lead to you

c. We don’t get news from the rain no more
We get signs that we can’t comprehend
Bless us with rain
Let it wet our souls

d. I lost it in the wind: your every spoken word
I memorise the sound of everything I’ve heard
Come and take my hand